ताज़ा खबर

Big Boss 7 Winner Gauhar Khan


Gohar Khan won the title of bigboss 7 and Sangram Singh got first runner up. Gohar is a famous film star and item girl of movie. Perhaps this is the last season of Salman Khan but this finale party was great and whole season was good. Salman is very happy for Gohar, although he did not support Gohar in whole season but he is happy. After the announcement by Salman every one was shocked because wanted Sangram as a winner but Gohar was earned that trophy. Now everyone wants to watch marriage of Goahar and Kushal. We don’t know what position was got by Azaz, Tanisha and Andy.This finale was nice, all contestant were there and gave their performance. Sangram and Andy were disserving candidate but woman didn’t break continuity of the winner. From last 3 season woman got this winner title.



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