माँ की ममता पर हिंदी कविता | A Poetry “The Affection Of Mother”

Be a mother is the great feeling of the world. To explain the feelings in the words are impossible. After listening the word “Maa” is a marvelous dream comes true and makes feel deep satisfaction of life, The silent happiness gives true smile on face forever. The relationship of mother and child is divine and gigantic.  

The affection of mother

माँ की ममता पर हिंदी कविता 

A Poetry “The Affection Of Mother”

मेरा नटखट टिमटिमाता सितारा ,
मेरी आँखों का अनमोल तारा |
मेरी ज़िन्दगी में जब तू आया,
जानी मैंने मोह ममता की माया |
जब तूने पहली बार पुकारा,
जब तूने पहला कदम बढ़ाया |
छोटी छोटी बातों से मुझे तूने हँसाया,
तेरे नटखट सवालों ने मुझे नया पाठ सिखाया |
ममता से भरी ज़िन्दगी का तूने ही रस चखाया  
तुही मेरी ढलती उम्र का सहारा,
 मेरी आँखों का सुखद नज़ारा |
मेरी जिंदगी का अनमोल तारा ,
मेरा टिमटिमाता सितारा ||

कर्णिका पाठक

Poetry is the bunch of feelings. A rhythm which expresses deep feelings by a true heart. Poetry is collection of arts and beauty of thoughts, a language of communication. Every art of the world is poetry; a painting is also a poem which shows a silent feeling of heart. A river, an ocean, temple all are silent and pleasant form of poetry. A poem is not only the form of sorrow it is whole feelings of universe also. Hindi poetry/kavya expresses Shant, Karun, Veer, Hasya, Virah, Shringaar, Bhadra, Vatsalya like whole feelings of world. Poem is also the power of writing and the weapon of feelings. It has a deep ocean, strength of a worrier and the courage of life. A Graceful and effective way of expression. This article contains some poetry with deep feelings of my heart.

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